About me

Here is a brief introduction to my interests and professional background.

Personal background

I was born in Murcia, Spain. I lived there during my youth, where I went to a bilingual highschool.

I started to experiment with electronics when I was a child, and at the age of 12 I assembled my first signal amplifier based on the IC LM386. During my highschool period I spent time with electronics and mechanic systems as a hobby, so, fortunately, deciding my future degree was an easy task for me.

As an adolescent, I have done a large amount of projects for fun, and always loved mathematics and physics as they helped me understand the world that we live in.

This website is intended to document my experience with my personal projects, and I look forward to continue sharing them in the future.

This website has ben created recently, and there is not much content uploaded. I will write more posts shortly, as I have already finished some projects that I want to share as soon as possible.


I studied Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineering in the Polythecnic University of Valencia, and finished my degree in 2022.

All my life and especially since I started my degree, I have been passionate to study audio technologies and embedded systems in depth. Because of that, I have done some projects related to these disciplines.

Despite that, as soon as it is related with product design, I always loved working with almost every engineering discipline, even those which aren’t directly related with my degree.

Work experience

IDM - R&D scholarship

My professional adventure started with a scholarship that allowed me to work on R&D in the university where I studied, more specifically in the Interuniversitary Institute of Investigation for Technological Developement and Molecular Recognisement, best known as IDM. There, I worked on a wide variety of projects which include microcontroller and DSC programming at registry level, communication systems with protocols like RS-485, RS-232, MODBUS or TCP/IP, hardware validation, software developping for Windows apps and technical works like soldering or assembling. These tasks were part of the development of various power electronics projects.

Abervian - R&D Engineer

Immediately after my scholarship finished I was hired as a R&D Engineer by Abervian, a R&D company which develops whichever product a customer asks for. In Abervian, I participated in the development and construction of a portable high-power EV charge station. In this project, I was asked to play a multidisciplinary role which involved hardware implementation and 3D design among other tasks.

ZGR Corporación - R&D Hardware Engineer

Nowadays, since October of 2022, I work as a R&D Hardware Engineer at ZGR Corporación, where I am designing hardware for power electronics devices. At the time that I am writing this, I have already commited many tasks. Some of them are the following.

  • PCB design, including the management of gerbers and communication with the manufacturer.
  • Electronics design and simulation, schematics and selection of components included.
  • Signal integrity conservation and EMI compatibility techniques applied to hardware designs.
  • Mechanical design and considerations when designing PCBs.
  • Brainstorming, teamwork and problem solving.

These tasks were part of the development process of Multi-level high-voltage inverters, PSUs and modular phase-shift full bridge converters, using both SiC and IGBTs swithing technologies.

I have experience using electronics lab instrumentation, because I own and use equipment like an oscilloscope, power supply, signal generator and protoboards since the beggining of my degree. I also enjoy working on my personal electronics projects in my free time.

My expectatives

I aim to work on an audio technology product developement team in the future, and I am looking forward to specialize in signal processing applications that include DSP algorithm for anything that could benefit from these technologies. I also plan to explore fundamental acoustics and physics applied to dynamic systems in more depth.

If you are interested in my profile, you can contact me here.